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Based on A.C. Gilbert Catalogs from 1938 to 1963

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Why No Gilbert HO From 1951-1954? Gilbert American Flyer HO Trains 1938-1963
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  • Illustrations from the catalog pages courtesy of
  • Photos of selected items from the collections of Daryl Olszeski, Gary Klein, Paul Beno, Frank Castiglione, and Dom Sangiovanni
  • Notes on the production of various items including variations and unusual items

Includes all items offered for separate sale and uncataloged items included in cataloged sets.  Set contents are based on what is shown in the catalogs.   Where the catalog numbers of set contents items were not listed or were unreadable, and were not identifiable as separate sale items, those catalog numbers were confirmed by reference to Gilbert American Flyer HO - 1938-1963, by Gary Klein or The Standard Catalog of American Flyer Trains by David Doyle.  (References to these books in this index are abbreviated "Klein" or "Doyle")

Other uncataloged items are included based on the best information available.

Photographs of all items were provided by individual collectors and we cannot guaranty the authenticity of the items illustrated.

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