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Catalog No. 31006
Category Steam Locomotive
Description 4-6-4 Hudson NYC (with Whistle)
Catalog References at 1957 1958
Remarks Smoke, Choo-Choo, & Whistle
The 31006 is an elusive item.  One would expect a 5 digit item like this to share the plastic drivers and aluminum rims of its whistle-less catalog mate, the 31005, but surprisingly all of the 31006 models I have seen in photos have white sidewall drivers like those found on the 446.  Some collectors believe that the 31006 exists only as a replacement boiler version of the 446.

In the 1957 and 1958 catalogs, an illustration of a 446, shown below, was used for the 31006 listing.

31006pb.jpg (164269 bytes)
Paul Beno Collection

31005-6.jpg (162312 bytes)
31006cap.jpg (31819 bytes)
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