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Catalog No. 254
Category Bridges & Trestles
Description Girder Bridge
Catalog References at 1939 1940 1941 1946
1948 1949 1950  

Distinguishing characteristic of this bridge is the word "Lackawanna" spread out over only 3 bridge panels.

According to catalogs, the various color versions were sold in the following years, but this is not completely accurate.

Red - 1939 and 1940
Black - 1941 and 1946
Silver - 1948, 1949, and 1950

According to the Charles Sommer guide, the 1947 version was also silver and the black bridge was offered from 1940-1942.  While a bridge was illustrated in the 1946 catalog, actual production of HO trains did not begin until 1947.  This bridge does not appear to have been cataloged in 1947

Note:  Catalog illustrations are not accurate.   It appears that photos of the S gauge 581 bridge were used on numerous occasions.  That bridge has only 7 full panels as opposed to 11 full panels on the HO bridge.   See the upper catalog illustration on this page as an example.

Red version of 254 girder bridge
Gary Klein Collection 

Black version 1940-1941
Dom San Giovanni Collection 
Deck showing Gilbert decal

View of deck showing Gilbert decal
Dom San Giovanni Collection
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