Joe King Reproductions & Fantasy Items

FY&P Boxlid Art header Reproduction Cities Service Tank Car - Photo by Paul Beno Reproduction Sohio Tank Car Marking on Botom of Reproduction Tank Cars
Marking on Botom of Reproduction Tank Cars Reproduction of L-1002 A Unit on Bottom - Production 31025 and L1002 Above Reproduction of 31039 Missouri Pacific F3A - Made using a Pikemaster shell, rather than the Varney shell used on the original production version. Another Photo of Reproduction  MP F3A
Side View of Reproduction MP F3A A Missouri Pacific  F3B Unit to match the A Unit - (Never made by Gilbert) An Orange Shell 125 Tank Car - (Original cataloged but not made in 1946) An HO version of the classic S gauge circus Locomotive, which was never produced in HO - Made from Varney streamline Hudson boiler and Gilbert Hudson chassis.
The HO Circus Train The HO Circus Train Two Circus Cars HO Reproductions Box Art Work - Joe's Company
HO Franklin set from Bob Bretch Collection and fantasy Washington Set - Made from then current production Mantua products HO Reproduction Franklin Locomotive - The stack is the same in appearance as the stack used on the production model, but is machined from Delrin.  The original stack was brass.  It should be noted that this stack is different from the funnel stack found on S gauge models.  Also, the drive connection to the motor in the tender uses a ball/socket drive, rather than a rubber shaft. HO Franklin Combine - Never made by Gilbert HO Reproduction Franklin Coach
Reproduction HO Franklin Set Including Fantasy Combine Reproduction Franklin Set on the Tracks Including Fantasy Combine Another View of the Reproduction HO Franklin Fantasy Franklin HO Combine in Mantua Packaging
Inside Markings of Reproduction and Fantasy HO Cars Inside Markings of Reproduction and Fantasy HO Cars Reproduction Franklin and Washington Head to Head - Note Washington has the funnel stack found on Mantua locomotives which is actually more like the stack used on the S gauge locomotives. HO Washington with its Combine
HO Washington Locomotive HO Washington Locomjotive Washington Combine Franklin and Washington Combines - HO Cars that were never made by Gilbert.
S Gauge Washington Set and HO Version HO EP-5 - Made from AHM C-Liner shells and an Athearn Alco PA chassis. An HO SP Black Widow F3A HO L-3003 B Unit - Never made by Gilbert
HO Missouri Pacific Alco PA - Made from Athearn Shell A Fantasy HO Pig Palace Hay-Jector Car - Decorated much like the 33004 Pig Palace stock car, but using a Hay-Jector body and chassis. HO Reproduction of S Gauge Rocket PA Shown Below - Made using Athearn shell. HO Version of S Gauge Silver Streak - Made using Athearn locomotive.
An SP Daylight F3B to match F3A Above - Gilbert never made B Unit. Maintenance Car Reproduction - Body is only partially complete.   Power unit shown is Lindsay unit which made the body ride too high.  Power unit eventually chosen was from a Tyco slot car. Maintenance Car Reproduction - Mounted on Lindsay power unit Maintenance Car Reproduction - End view mounted on Lindsay power unit
L-1001 Reproduction Inside Marking from L-1001 Reproduction