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Catalog No. 214 and 210T Terminal Track Section
Category Track
Description Track Terminal
Catalog References at 1938 1939

The 214 track terminal is not illustrated in either the 1938 or 1939 catalogs and the 210T curved track section, which was modified to accept the 214 track terminal is not even mentioned.  It is unclear how these items were sold, other than that every train set contained a 214 and a 210T.  It is possible that the 214 terminal was sold as a replacement for worn units.  How the 210T might have been sold as a separate item and even whether it was sold as a separate item is anyone's guess, as this was almost 80 years ago.

214 Terminal Connector
Attachment to 210TAttachment to 210T
Top and Bottom Views of Attachment of 214 to 210T track section

Photos Courtesy of Bill Cucchi

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