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Catalog No. 650 (110-120 Volt) & 9650 (220-240 Volt)
Category Power, Maintenance
Description Power Pack
Catalog References at 1955 1956

The 650 came in two versions.  One had squared off corners and the other had round corners.  They also differed in the size and placement of the controls as shown in photos below.  Version B also had an on-off switch.  The 9650 pictured below was identical to the 650, except for input power.  Instruction sheet for 9650 incorrectly shows 110-120 volt input power.

650 Version A Box650 Version A
Version A - Photos Courtesy of Bill Cucchi
650 Version B
Version B - Photo Courtesy of Bill Cucchi
9650 photo9650 box
Photos Courtesy of Bill Cucchi
Click here to see instruction sheet for 9650

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