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Description 33006 Great Northern Stock Car Paint Sample
Category Paint Sample

While the 33006 was a Pikemaster era car manufactured in Asia, this paint sample was made using the old pre-Pikemaster body that was used on the 502 Katy stock car and the 33004 Northern Pacific Pig Palace car.   That latter car, also a red car was the source of the body used for this paint sample.  If you look closely on the bottom rail to the left of the door, the number of the Pig Palace car, 33004, is clearly visible.   The second photo show the opposite side of this car with the Pig Palace foil sticker removed.  This car was obtained from Bill Colgate, who was the artist for the Gilbert HO line between 1959 and 1963.  (Click here to see production model)

 GN Stock Car Paint Sample
33006 Paint Sample-Opposite Side
From the Charlie Sommer Collection - Photos Courtesy of Bill Cucchi