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Catalog No. 105 (35105)
Category Diesel Locomotive
Description Inspection Car
Catalog References at 1960
Remarks Although cataloged as 35105, it bore the number 105.  Not a very good running car.  The last two photos below are of a car that has been repowered with a non stock power unit.  The car in the first three photos are of a sample in a Kleer Pak and includes the note to the salesman on top of the packaging. 
35105 Sample
35105 Sample with note on item35105 Sample with note
Photos Courtesy of Bob Bretch

35105a-pb.jpg (210929 bytes)Photo Courtesy of Paul Beno
35105b-pb.jpg (204445 bytes)Photo Courtesy of Paul Beno

35105.jpg (45044 bytes)
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