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Catalog No. 127
Category Gondola
Catalog References at 1946 1948 1949 Adv
1949 1950 Dealer 1950
Remarks Standard production model, as cataloged, is green, but a grey variation does exist, possibly using Lehigh New England bodies which were cast in grey but lettering them for T&P.  In 1950, a weight, which included cut-outs for the interior ribs of the car was added to increase the stability of the car.  It has been thought by some that the weighted versions were only produced in green, but shown below is a grey weighted version.

127do.jpg (193943 bytes)
Daryl Olszeski Collection

127 Grey Version
Grey Version - Dom San Giovanni Collection
127 with weight
Weighted Version - Dom San Giovanni Collection
Weighted Grey Version
Weighted Grey Version - Bill Cucchi Collection
127-128.jpg (62955 bytes)
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