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Catalog No. 200
Category Steam Locomotive
Description 4-6-4 Hudson (AC)
Catalog References at 1938 1939


 Boiler Shell
A.  Simplified (no headlight) - Early models
B.  Detailed (headlight) - Later models

Reverse Unit
A.  Sequence type - Early models
B.  DC Relay type - Later models (See 112 for more information)

A.  All Bakelite - Early models
B.  Bakelite with Brass rims - Later models 

Body mounted
According to Charles Sommer's Guide, all prewar Hudsons utilize an  AC motor with a spur gear drive.  Some may have been converted to DC power by substitution of a permanent magnet for the field coil, as shown below.  Some writers have indicated that beginning in 1939 a vertical worm gear drive with an AC motor was used but this appears to be incorrect.  Reverse unit can be either a sequence type reverse unit as was used in post war American Flyer S gauge trains or a DC pulse activated unit as was used in prewar Flyer O gauge.  Horizontal bar in window was added in 1939.  Number on cab is a prototype number.  Model number does not appear on unit.
200-1938.jpg (376686 bytes)

200(1938Version)do.jpg (166167 bytes)
1938 Version  -  Daryl Olszeski Collection

1939 Version-Left Side
1939 Version-Right Side
1939 Version Left and Right Sides - Photo Courtesy of Bill Cucchi
View of Motor & Gearing
Photo by David E. Crowe
This photo shows a standard Gilbert prewar AC motor with spur gearing.  The drivers on this particular locomotive appear to be brass rimmed bakelite.  This chassis came with a detailed boiler casting and is either a later model 200 or a model 112.
Inside View of Permanent Magnet Replacement
Dom San Giovanni Collection
This photo shows a Gilbert prewar motor converted to DC operation by replacement of the field coil with a permanent magnet.   Such conversion kits were offered by Mantua and Quaker City Model Railroad Shop. (Source: American Flyer HO by Charles J. Sommer)  While not as obvious as the previous photo above, this engine also has brass rimmed bakelite drivers and could be either a later model 200 or a model 112.
Mantua DC Conversion Magnet
Illustration from 1946 Mantua Handbook and Catalog

(A reprint of the 1942 version)
All Bakelite drivers
Dom San Giovanni Collection
Detailed view of all Bakelite drivers
Sequence Reverse UnitBody mounted coupler
Dom San Giovanni Collection
Detailed view of sequence type reverse unit in model 200 locomotive and body mounted coupler 
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