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Catalog No. 33511 (511)
Category Tank Car
Description Gulf 3 Dome
Catalog References at 1957 1958 1959

Until recently, this car was not included in the list of cars that had been found in Gilbert Kleer Paks which were used in the Pikemaster era from 1961 - 1963.  See an Illustration of one such car below.  (As a 33511, it is only cataloged from 1958-1960)

According to the Charles Sommer Guide to Gilbert HO, 1960 versions of this car, like may other freight cars of that year, had solid metal unsprung trucks.   The trucks  bear the number P15D396  The Kleerpak car below appears to have such trucks.

511do.jpg (238278 bytes)
511  -  Daryl Olszeski Collection

33511do.jpg (226742 bytes)
33511  -  Daryl Olszeski Collection

33511 from Ralph Balfoort
33511 - Ralph Balfoort Collection
33511 in Kleer Pak
33511 and Kleer Pak - Fred Alles Collection
33511.jpg (81395 bytes)
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