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Catalog No. 430
Category Diesel Locomotive
Description Alco DL-600
Catalog References at 1956

Some locomotives have been found with the vent painted the same maroon color used on the body.  In addition, some locomotives have been found with the end surfaces painted in colors for the opposite end.

430do.jpg (219722 bytes)
Daryl Olszeski Collection

430 with maroon vent
Maroon vent variation - Photo Courtesy of Joe King

Reversed End Colors Variation

A very rare variation of this locomotive appears to be the result of applying the wrong color of paint over the end masks.  On the short end, maroon paint, rather than grey paint was applied and on the long end, grey paint, rather than maroon paint was applied.  Since it is only the end that is at a 90 degree angle to the side that received the wrong paint, not the entire nose, this is hard to detect in a side view.  In addition, shadows in the photos below may also make it hard to see the differences.
430 Reversed colors - Side View
Upper locomotive has reverse color ends.  Lower locomotive is painted normally.
Joseph Houck Collection - Photo Courtesy of Mike Houck
430 Reversed long side430 reversed long side
Left Photo:  Reverse painted short end  Right Photo:  Reverse painted long end
Look closely to see the dividing line between the end and side colors at the right corners of the hoods.
Joseph Houck Collection - Photos Courtesy of Mike Houck
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