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Year Catalog No. Description
1950 HO-148 Pennsylvania Switcher Freight
Remarks This set came with either a 127 T&P gondola as shown in the catalog illustrations or a 128 LNE Gondola as noted in the catalog descriptions.  If a T&P gondola is included it is the weighted version.  The set version with the LNE gondola is a bit more valuable.  In addition, at least one set has been found with an all orange Pacific Fruit Express refrigerator car instead of the Merchants Despatch car.  There is nothing in that set to lead one to believe that the contents of an original set had been altered.  It is also logical to assume that since the gondola could be either of the two gondolas produced that year, it is also possible that the refrigerator car could be either of the the two refrigerator cars produced that year.

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Set Contents
Item No. Description Category
155 0-6-0 Switcher (Pennsy) Steam Locomotive
124 or 123 Merchants Despatch or Pacific Fruit Express Reefer
 128 or 127 Lehigh New England or T&P Gondola
131 Reading Caboose

Daryl Olszeski Collection

HO 148 set - 2nd set
Paul Beno Collection
Dale Heuer Collection

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Paul Beno Collection
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Daryl Olszeski Collection
PFE Reefer
Dom San Giovanni Collection
128gk.jpg (15971 bytes)
Gary Klein Collection
Daryl Olszeski Collection
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Daryl Olszeski Collection

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