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Year Catalog No. Description
1956 HO-325 Alco Diesel Freight Train
Remarks Set box illustration shown below is of an unopened mint boxed set and will remain that way.  Apparently the locomotive was packed in such a way that a cardboard panel obscures a view of it through the plastic window.  Set shown is a 30325 containing Varney cars.  Both sets continued to use Varney cars until the supply was exhausted.

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56 Alco switcher set.jpg (202927 bytes)
Set Contents
Item No. Description Category
430 Alco DL-600 Diesel Locomotive
512 New Haven Box Car
518 Koppers Chemical Tank Car
501 C.B. & Q Hopper
516 NYC Illuminated Caboose Caboose

430do.jpg (28322 bytes)
512do.jpg (29531 bytes)
518-Varneyversion-do.jpg (31078 bytes)
501Gilbertdo.jpg (33311 bytes)
516-NYCVersion-do.jpg (32534 bytes)
Daryl Olszeski Collection (all)

Photo Courtesy of Bill Cucchi

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