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Year Stock No. Description
1961 30057 Sears HO 14 Unit Double A - Figure 8
Remarks This set came with a 31025 C&O diesel and a L-1002 C&O dummy.  It may have been the only place the L-1002 was offered.  This set was boxed in two levels.  The cars included may vary from set to set.   In particular, the set has been documented as containing either the 33116 Bethlehem Steel gondola or the 33117 New Haven gondola.  Note:  One of the cars in this set is a second 33545 Borden's Milk Car but without the milk tank included.  The set with the Bethlehem Steel gondola has had that missing milk tank replaced, as shown in the photo.
Set with Bethlehem Steel gondola
Bethlehem Steel Set - Top Level
Set with Bethlehem Steel Gondola
Bethlehem Steel Set - Bottom Level
Set with Bethlehem Steel Gondola and second Borden's Milk car with replaced milk tank
New Haven Set - Top Level
Set with New Haven gondola
New Haven Set - Bottom Level
Set with New Haven Gondola and second Borden's Milk Car with missing tank
30057 Box Edge with number
From the Charlie Sommer Collection - Photo Courtesy of Bill Cucchi
5 - 30057 Sets
An unusual find.  Five rare sets in one place
Courtesy of Bill Cucchi
Set Contents
Item No. Description Category
31025 C&O Diesel F-3 Diesel Locomotive
L-1002 C&O Diesel F-3 Dummy Diesel Locomotive
33545 Borden's Milk Car Flat Car
33517 Mobilgas Tank Car
33006 Great Northern Stock Car
33116 or
Bethlehem Steel
New Haven
C-1006 C&O Hopper
33621 C & O Caboose Caboose
33558 Illinois Central Multipurpose (with tank containers only) Flat Car
33214 Santa Fe Hopper
33545 Borden's Milk Car (without milk tank) Flat Car
33215 Peabody Hopper
33536 Pennsylvania (with stakes) Flat Car
C-1007 T&P Hopper
31025-L1002 AA
Joe King Collection
Daryl Olszeski Collection
Paul Beno Collection
Gary Klein Collection
Both Photos Gary Klein Collection
Gary Klein Collection
Daryl Olszeski Collection
Daryl Olszeski Collection
Note:  Car in set is 33558, not 33555 as shown above, but this is how set car was configured, with 2 tanks.
Daryl Olszeski Collection
Daryl Olszeski Collection
Daryl Olszeski Collection
Gary Klein Collection
Gary Klein Collection