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1961 30067 Goodyear Special Train Set (E. Allen)
Remarks This set is listed as a Goodyear store special train set.  The IBM number list has the name "E.Allen" in parenthesis though it is unclear to me what this means.  The set also contained the Ideal Tiny Town Suburban Station and Water Tower Accessories in Gilbert branding.  While this set is noted on Maury Romer's IBM number list to be a Goodyear set, it appears to have been sold by other retailers, at least in closeout as evidenced by a Gimbel's ad for an apparently identical set.  This set is also unique in that it is the only set to include accessories.  It is interesting that the wiring diagram for the accessories shows them to be wired in series.  No reason is given, but it would either be because the lighting is 6-8 volt or simply for a slightly dimmer light in the accessories.
30067 Set Contents
Photo Courtesy of Bill Cucchi

30067 Set Box
Photo Courtesy of Bill Cucchi

60067 Side of Box
Photo Courtesy of Bill Cucchi

30067 Ad
Gimbels Ad showing this set on closeout
30067 Ad Excerpt
Excerpt from ad at left showing this set on closeout

Wiring Diagram
Wiring Diagram for 30067 Set
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Photos Courtesy of Bill Cucchi
Set Contents
Item No. Description Category
Santa Fe Diesel F-3 Diesel Locomotive
33217 New York Central Covered Hopper Hopper
33545 Borden's Milk Car Flat Car
33215 Peabody Hopper
C-3008 Santa Fe Caboose Caboose
35254 Gilbert (Ideal Tiny Town) Suburban Station Accessory (Structure)
35270 Gilbert (Ideal Tiny Town) Water Tower Accessory (Structure)