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1960 30122 Sears Train Set - Alco with Bell
Remarks This set was most recently auctioned at Lemar Auctions in Sacramento, CA.  It was listed by its Sears number of 49-9971, but the side of the box was marked with the Gilbert number of 30122.  I was told that all the items in the auction came from the collection of a retired Lionel service representative for the Sacramento Valley area who is now 97 years old.  This set sold for $325.  I examined the set at the preview and most of the items were in excellent condition, but portions of the railing on the locomotive were broken.  In addition, the missile transport car was missing one missile and the canisters were missing on the multipurpose car.  The track was stored under the items shown in the photos and included the rocket launcher activation track section.  This could be described as an HO version of the S gauge Defender set and is the only example of it that I have ever seen. 
30122 Contents
30123 Box
30122 Box Edge
Photos Courtesy of Dale Smith
Set Contents
Item No. Description Category
31022 C&O Alco DL600 Diesel Locomotive
33538 Rocket Transport Car Flat Car
33555 Multipurpose Car Flat Car
33812 Rocket Launcher Car Operating Car
33616 C&O Caboose Caboose