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1960 30128 Sears Train Set - Hudson
Remarks A version of this set recently sold on Ebay for $461.78.  It was missing three of the original cars with three car substitutions.  (A 33211 C&EI hopper for the 33212 Santa Fe hopper, a 33523 Cookie Box box car for a 33002 NYC box car, and a 33519 B&O caboose for the 33516 NYC caboose)  This variation could be the result of either dealer or owner substitutions, but the listing below is what was contained in factory records.
30128 Contents
Photo Courtesy of Bill Cucchi
Set Contents
Item No. Description Category
31005 NYC Hudson Steam Locomotive
33212 Santa Fe Hopper
33555 Multipurpose Car Flat Car
33804 Exploding TNT Car Operating Car
33002 NYC Box Car
33313 Hooker Chemical Tank Car Tank Car
33516 NYC Caboose Caboose