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Year Stock No. Description
  None Un-numbered Pikemaster Set - M&St.L F3

These two sets are variations of the same set.  The contents are identical except one has a painted version of the diesel and the other is the colored plastic version.  The set came with the following rolling stock:

31037 M&StL Diesel (The set on the right has a painted diesel)
33804 TNT in Kleer Pak
33538 Missile Transport
33549 Work and Boom Car

The last two photos show some unusual markings on the boxes.   The 3rd photo shows writing on the side claiming 2 operating cars, though there appears to be only one operating car, the TNT car.  The 4th photo shows what appears to be a stock number, "35019," which makes no sense as the 35xxx series was reserved for accessories and Maury Romner's IBM number list does not contain such a number.  There is some precedent, though, for the use of a set number in the 35xxx series as the number 35099 was used for the HO Franklin set.

Un-numbered Set 3
Courtesy of Bill Cucchi

Writing on box
Courtesy of Bill Cucchi

35019 Set Number?   Outside of boxes
Writing on Boxes - On the Left, contents description - On the right possible set number
Courtesy of Bill Cucchi