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Description 31039 Missouri Pacific F3 with Varney Body & Mechanism
Category Variation

Most versions of this locomotive use a Varney body modified to fit on a Pikemaster chassis.  This version uses an unmodified Varney body along with a Varney mechanism.  There are no notches or holes in the side to mate with a Pikemaster chassis.  There is also a matching dummy unit that shares the catalog number of the powered unit.  Several photos are shown below so you can see the details of the mechanism and the attachment of the dummy unit.  (Click here to see production model)

 31039-Varney Body and Mechanism
31039 Powered Unit

31039 Powered Unit Underbody
31039-Dummy Unit
31039 Dummy Unit
31039-Dummy Underbody
31039 Dummy Unit Underbody
All Photos Courtesy of Bill Cucchi