The Gilbert American Flyer HO Index

 Production Prototypes & Unusual Items

Monsanto Tank Car Award
Monsanto Tank Car - 368 - Several Variations
155 prototype thumbnail
155 0-6-0 Switcher Prototype Once Owned by Maury Romer, Gilbert Engineering Chief
River Kwai model thumbnail
Original model of the Bridge On the River Kwai used in the movie production
Gandy Dancer Set
Gandy Dancer Set - Gilbert Locomotive with Tyco Cars  
Track Trip Prototype and Production Model
Track Trip for Action Cars
33117 paint sample
33117 Paint Samples
33119 variation
33119 Variation
Kleer Pak Salesman's Sample
Kleer Pak Salesman's Sample 
SP Daylight Paint Sample
Southern Pacific Daylight Paint Sample
33503 Reverse Colors
33503 Transformer Car in Reverse Paint Scheme
33538 in Reverse Colors
33538 Missile Transport Paint Sample
Seaboard Box Car-Silver Roof
514 Seabord Box Car Samples
Erie-Seaboard Paint Sample Side 2
Erie - Seaboard Two Sided Paint Sample
31013 Blue Industrial Switcher
31013 - Blue Version
31013 Paint Sample
31013 - Paint Sample 
31005 with Gilbert Stamp
31005 with Gilbert Stamp 
446 with Plastic and Brass Drivers
Engineering Model for Pull-mor in HO
31039-Varney Body and Mechanism
31039 with Varney Body and Mechanism 
Union Pacific Caboose Paint Sample-Black Side
Union Pacific Caboose Paint Sample  
Burlington Caboose Paint Sample
Burlington Caboose Paint Sample 
504-PFE-NP Reefer
Pacific Fruit Express - Northern Pacific Reefer 
518 Koppers Chemical Paint Sample
Koppers Chemical Tank Car Paint Sample 
Pillsbury Covered Hopper-Side 1
Pillsbury Covered Hopper Paint Sample 
Peabody Hopper Paint Sample
Peabody Hopper Paint Sample 
Wabash Caboose Factory Error
Wabash Caboose Factory Error 
Great Northern Stock Car Paint Sample
33006 Great Northern Stock Car Paint Sample 
Painted Prototype or Paint Sample
33214 Prototype or Paint Sample (Painted) 
120-131 Full view
120-131 Transition Prototype
131-506 Transition Prototype
131-506 Transition Prototype 
Prototypes on Hall of Science Layout
Prototypes on Hall of Science Layout - 1954-55