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Description 446 Plastic Driver/Pull-Mor Prototype - with Plastic/Brass Drivers
Category Production Prototype/Engineering Model

This was a tough item to categorize, but after much discussion between Gilbert collectors Joe King, Bill Cucchi, and Bruce Gripkey, the consensus is that this is the prototype of both the plastic wheel/aluminum rim drivers and the use of Pull-Mor rubber tires in the HO line.  This model was used in determining the final size for the plastic wheels and aluminum rims before they went for casting.  Pull-Mor in HO was a much needed innovation as the earlier steam locomotives without it are notorious for their lack of pulling power.  (Click here to see production model)

 446-Plastic & Brass Drivers
Photos Courtesy of Bill Cucchi

446-Driver Closeup
446-Internal View
446-Driver Detail 1446-Driver Details 2