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Catalog No. 446
Category Steam Locomotive
Description 4-6-4 Hudson NYC (DC) (with Whistle)
Catalog References at 1956

Smoke, Choo-Choo, Whistle

At the time of the transition of the entire American Flyer line from 3 digit to 5 digit numbering, there was also another transition going on in Gilbert HO and that was the transition from cast drivers with the familiar white sidewalls and steel rims to plastic drivers with cast aluminum rims. This affected the 433, 443, and 446. In theory, these should all have had the cast drivers with white sidewalls and steel rims, but numerous examples have been found of 3 digit locomotives with plastic drivers and aluminum rims. Given Gilbert's penchant for always attempting to utilize old stock before producing new, this suggests that the factory may have run out of old mechanisms before they ran out of shells. These plastic/aluminum driver 3 digit locomotives may either be a variation or the result of a hobbyist modification or repair depending on the date stamped inside the shell. The shells were not date stamped until used so shells with 1955 or 1956 dates are likely to be modifications or repairs, rather than variations. Late 1957 dates, such as September and October 1957, would indicate variations.

Most plastic/aluminum drivered 446's have Pull-mor drive wheels.  A 446 with plastic drivers and aluminum rims is pictured below.  To see a 446 used as a prototype for the plastic centered drivers and Pull-Mor tires used on 5 digit HO engines, click here.

446do.jpg (168162 bytes)
Daryl Olszeski Collection

446 with aluminum driverPhoto Courtesy of Joe King
443-46.jpg (162639 bytes)
443-46cap.jpg (89013 bytes)
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