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Catalog No. 135
Category Passenger Car
Description N.H. Coach
Catalog References at 1946 1948 1949 Adv
1949 1950 Dealer 1950
Remarks Illuminated - Truck mounted couplers - With and without window outlines.  These cars solved the truck shorting problems caused by metal couplers on trucks conducting power to the lighting by use of an insulated separator on the truck's coupler shaft.

135withwindowtrimdo.jpg (173919 bytes)
Daryl Olszeski Collection

135 with no window trim
Dom San Giovanni Collection
Coupler detailThis view of the car undersides of a 133 and 135 shows the insulating fiber spacer used to electrically isolate the coupler from the power conducting truck.   This prevented the coupled trucks from causing a short circuit.  No matter how the identically manufactured cars were coupled, the conducting wheels of coupled trucks would be on the opposite rails.  This fiber was probably the best they could do in 1947, but it is a weakness on these cars and is the reason why the coupler arm is often broken off and missing as is shown on the lower car.  Also, the coupler itself is often broken off at the point marked "Other Problem Area."  The earlier pre war cars from 1940 and 1941 that had truck mounted couplers in order to negotiate 16" radius curves of the then new Gilbert track had one piece non isolated coupler arms.  They were sturdier, but couldn't solve the lighting problem and so these cars were unlighted.
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