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Catalog No. 151
Category Steam Locomotive
Description 4-6-4 Hudson (DC)
Catalog References at 1946 1948 1949 Adv
1949 1950 Dealer 1950
Remarks All except 1950 production utilize a smoke in tender unit, which is the same unit used in S gauge locomotives of the late 1940's with minor modifications.  The drive motor in smoke in tender units is a vertically mounted DC motor.  The motor for the smoke in tender unit is a universal series wound motor, which in this case is operating on DC current.  1950 units came with smoke in boiler, but because of space considerations they have no headlight.  Not all units bear a number on the cab, but if there is a number it is "5318," a prototype number.  Model number does not appear on unit.

151.jpg (137803 bytes)

151sit-gk.jpg (102182 bytes)
Smoke In Tender Version  -  Gary Klein Collection

The smoke in tender versions of this locomotive were made in both bellows and piston versions.  The earliest units utilized the bellows.  There was a period of time when both piston and bellows units were used and at that time they were marked with a "p" for piston, or a "w" for bellows.  This may have been done to facilitate the packaging of the locomotives as the boxes were also marked.  Not all units bear this marking as it was not necessary when only bellows units were used. Most likely the "w" was used because it simulated the shape of bellows and to avoid confusion of "p's" and "b's."  The marks on the individual units are shown in photos below.
Piston Unit BoxDom San Giovanni Collection
Piston Unit Marked "p"
Piston Unit Marked "p"  -  Dom San Giovanni Collection 
Bellow Unit Marked "w"
Bellows unit Marked "w"  -  Dom San Giovanni Collection

151sib-pb.jpg (155294 bytes)
Smoke In Boiler Version  -  Paul Beno Collection

Vertical Motor Hudson
Vertical Motor Used in Smoke in Tender Versions of 151 Locomotive - Courtesy of Sean Naylor
A One of A Kind Item From the Collection of the Late Frank Castiglione, Noted Gilbert Layout Builder
This item was obtained by Dom San Giovanni from Mark Castiglione, son of the Late Frank Castiglione. 

Mounted Display of 151 SIT
Right Side of Mounted Display Model from the Collection of Frank Castiglione  -  Courtesy of Dom San Giovanni

Mounted Display of 151 SITLeft Side of Mounted Display Model from the Collection of Frank Castiglione  -  Courtesy of Dom San Giovanni

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