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Catalog No. 31019
Category Steam Locomotive
Description 0-6-0 B&O
Catalog References at Uncataloged 1958-1959

This is an uncataloged item and was not included in any Gilbert sets.  The best evidence appears to be that it was manufactured specifically for the deluxe version Gandy Dancer set offered by "The HO Train Co." of Philadelphia, PA.  Date stamps inside the boiler have been documented as September or October 1958.  Gary Klein's guide dates the locomotive as 1959 and the Charles Sommer guide does not list a date.  It has been said to be the last 0-6-0 with smoke and choo-choo, however the 31004 was offered until the end of the Gilbert HO line in 1963.

31019do.jpg (26151 bytes)
Daryl Olszeski Collection

31019.jpg (63405 bytes)
Gary Klein Collection

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