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Catalog No. 33315
Category Tank Car
Description Sohio
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The photo at the top is of an original Gilbert car from the Bob Nazian Collection.  Below it are two photos of a boxed original car provided by Bill Cucchi.

The 3 photos below that are of a reproduction car made by Joe King in the early 2000's.  These reproductions were done using a variety of tank cars which accounts for the missing side vent pipe on the dome.  Other reproductions have the side vent pipe.  Also note that the trucks appear to be solid construction, rather than sprung trucks one would find on the original car.  This reproduction car sold on Ebay in March 2011 for $169.00

Sohio Nazian Car
Photo courtesy of Joe King

33315 in Original Box Sommer Collection
33315 in Original Box from Charlie Sommer Collection - Photo Courtesy of Bill Cucchi
33315 Printed Box End
Printed End Flap on Authentic Box - Photo Courtesy of Bill Cucchi

Reproduction car
sohiorepro1.jpg (81120 bytes)
sohiorepro2.jpg (115630 bytes)
sohiorepro3.jpg (135744 bytes)
Paul Beno Collection

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