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Catalog No. 33314
Category Tank Car
Description Cities Service
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An uncataloged car which was only included in the 1959 30110 Cities Service train set.  It appears that the set was only sold through Cities Service dealers.  In the early 2000's reproductions of this car were made by Joe King and they were made in such a way as to be distinguishable from the originals.  The ARA SPEC of "111" was changed to "118" on the reproduction and the car was painted in a lighter shade of green.  There are also slight differences in the font, in particular, the "S" in "CITIES."  On the original car, the "ends" of the "S" are less angled and closer to straight up and down.  On the reproduction car they slant out at almost a 45 degree angle.  Also on the reproduction the top and bottom horizontal bars on the "E's" are longer and the "valley" in the "V" in Service is deeper.  In addition, they were marked as reproductions on the bottom.

Recently (2017) reproduction cars that are much harder to distinguish from the real car have been offered for sale on Ebay.  They use dry transfer lettering but it is very thin and hard to distinguish from the heat stamped lettering by feel.  The biggest difference can be felt in the center logo.   Although they are clearly identified by the current seller as reproductions, they are not marked in any way as reproductions and could appear to be original cars in subsequent sales by the current purchasers or their heirs.   Caution is advised. 

In February 2017 an original car with all the steps broken off sold for $1000 on Ebay.   In another sale in February of 2020,. a 33314 in apparently excellent condition sold for $1595 on Ebay. 

33314 Cities Service TankOriginal Gilbert Car - Courtesy of Joe King

33314 in box-Sommer Collection
33314 in Original Box from Charlie Sommer Collection - Photo Courtesy of Bill Cucchi

Printed End Flap on Authentic Box - Photo Courtesy of Bill Cucchi
Reproduction 33314 Tank Car
Reproduction Car by Joe King - Paul Beno Collection
 Unmarked Reproduction (2017)
Unmarked Reproduction Car sold on Ebay in 2017
This car as sold had broken steps and solid trucks.  Another car had broken steps and sprung trucks - Purchaser has now marked car as a reproduction.
Photo Courtesy of Joe King
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