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1959 30110 Cities Service Set
Remarks This set was offered through Cities Service Oil Company.  The boxing of this set is quite unique in that there was no attempt at displaying the contents.  The individual rolling stock and other items, contained in their own boxes, were simply placed in a larger box with appropriate filler to take up the excess space.  The first two photos below illustrate this.  The third photo shows the markings of the set boxes.   There are also illustrations of two shipping boxes.  One is addressed to Cities Service at 505 Sandusky St., Jacksonville, Illinois.  That address is a residence and has been one since the house was built in 1940.  Bill Cucchi has evidence of another shipping box addressed to that same address, so we assume that a Cities Service dealer was possibly operating his business using his home address.  The second shipping box is addressed to another Cities Service Distributer.  The final photo documents an ebay sale of a 30110 set.  The set in the last shipping box and the set in the Ebay sale seem to be connected to the Benton Harbor, Michigan area.  The box is addressed to Priebe Bros., an oil distributor in Benton Harbor Michigan, presumably for Cities Service products as the package was received from them.  The Ebay sale documented below was offered by a train dealer in Watervliet, Michigan, which is located approximately 12 miles Northeast of Benton Harbor.
30110 Contents
Photo Courtesy of Bill Cucchi
30110 Inside
Photo Courtesy of Bill Cucchi
30110 Set Box 1
Photo Courtesy of Bill Cucchi
 30110 Set Box 2
Photo Courtesy of Bill Cucchi
 30110 Set Box 3
Photo Courtesy of Jay Stelzenmuller
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Ebay Sale 1
Ebay Sale 2
Ebay Sale 3
Photos courtesy of Joe King
Set Contents
Item No. Description Category
31007 B&O Diesel F-3 Diesel Locomotive
33314 Cities Service Tank Car Tank Car
33519 B&O Caboose Caboose
Daryl Olszeski Collection
Photo Courtesy of Joe King
Daryl Olszeski Collection