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Year Stock No. Description
1959 30111 Special Train Set (Surplus) (1958 Packing)
Remarks Two different versions of this set are shown below and they differ principally in the locomotive offered.  The 30111-R set contains a 430 Alco Switcher in demonstrator colors (red) and the 30111-B contains a C&O 31017 Alco Switcher (blue).  The Red set below is missing its 33527 New Haven Lumber car and its 33508 C&O Gondola.  In the red set, the 430 Alco Switcher came in a 31017 box and the 516 caboose came in a 33516 box.  These sets are excellent examples of the use of uncataloged sets to dispose of discontinued merchandise.   Both the 430 and the 31017 were being phased out of the Gilbert HO line at this time to make way for the 31022 with its ringing bell feature.  Even the 1958 packaging was old stock and its use was so noted in Maury Romer's IBM number listing for this set.
30111-R Set Box
From the Charlie Sommer Collection - Photo Courtesy of Bill Cucchi
30111-R box end
From the Charlie Sommer Collection - Photo Courtesy of Bill Cucchi
30111-B Set Box
Photo Courtesy of Bill Cucchi
30111-B Box EndPhoto Courtesy of Bill Cucchi 
Set Contents
Item No. Description Category
430 or
Alco Switcher Diesel Locomotive
33503 New Haven Flat Car 
33508 C&O Gondola
33527 New Haven Lumber Car Flat Car 
516 or
NYC Caboose